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The Complete Collection

Only 1 left!
  • All 301 print magazines
  • Special bonus items
  • Available to ship only to the US

For 25 years, we’ve set aside a handful of each issue as an emergency archive. Well, our warehouse has been sold and it’s time to downsize, which has created a certain “state of emergency” around here.

So, we are offering these archive sets of 301 magazines, plus special bonus items:

  • The 1991 brochure announcing “A new page in magic history...”
  • Square One, originally a premium for charter subscribers, then reprinted as part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • The misprinted premier issue, never before offered for sale
  • Four additional copies of multi-covered issues
  • The special edition of the 10th Anniversary issue (numbered with gold foil cover), previously only available to attendees of the first MAGIC Live, 2001

The Complete Collection is $575.00 (plus $128.50 postage), and is only available for shipping within the United States.

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Only 1 left!